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Mount’s Bay Pilot Gig Club has been established since 1986 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Often being the lead club in finding new ideas and techniques we have always had drive and motivation to excel in rowing. We offer rowing to all ages, abilities, genders, shapes and sizes. Whether you would just like to come down and have a row and enjoy the stunning scenery on offer in Mount’s Bay itself, or if the competitive side in you shows it colours, you can work your way up the crews and race at World Championship level! Many people enjoy Gig Rowing simply because of the wide range of events on offer. Gig Rowing is more a way of life than a past time, along your journey of Gig Rowing you can learn basic seamanship skills, coaching skills, conditioning tips, equipment history & maintenance and having a good laugh with friends Gig Rowing style!

Cornish Pilot Gigs

Of the modern day are 32 foot in length and 4 foot 10 at the beam. All gigs are built of a clinker construction and using traditional Cornish Elm. The earliest gig to be seen today is the Newquay from Newquay Rowing Club and was built by Peters of St. Mawes in 1812. Cornish Pilot Gig’s were used originally to transport pilots out to incoming ships. In the day there would often be more than one gig racing for the contract. Modern-day gigs are used only for recreational purposes and racing. The gigs built today are all the same specification to ensure no unfair advantage. The Treffry also of Newquay Rowing Club is the base mark for all modern gigs to be built off.

Our Gigs Today

Mount’s Bay Gig Club are the proud owners of three Cornish Pilot Gigs:

Cormoran – 2011: built by Peter Martin on the Isles of Scilly: Cormoran is the Cornish name for the mythical giant who was believed to live on St Michael’s Mount.

Kensa – 2003: built by Peter Martin on the Isles of Scilly: Kensa being the Cornish for First.

Taran – 1999: built by Peter Martin on the Isles of Scilly: Taran being the Cornish for Thunder.

Jeannie – 1990: built by Peter Foord: The second ever gig, originally named ‘Sally’.

Breeze – 2002: built by Trevor Deakin: Plastic Replica for training: Breeze was named by students from our partner school Mount’s Bay.

Lady Sue – 2007: built by Trevor Deakin: Plastic Replica for training: Lady Sue, named after Lord St Levan’s late wife.

St Aubyn – 2011: built be Trevor Deakin: Plastic Replica for training: St Aubyn is named after the family who occupy the St Michaels Mount.


We are blessed at Mount’s Bay Pilot Gig Club with our stunning beachside boat shed which houses our three plastic training gigs, situated just above the slipway in Marazion it is an ideal base for launching. In the summer of 2011, the club was very pleased to move into our new boat shed only a few meters from the old one. The boat shed boasts ample storage space for the plastic training gigs and all the kit to go with them.

The club is also very pleased to have a brilliant storage facility for our wooden gigs which is just a mile down the road from the main boat shed. This allows the gigs to be kept in prime condition for racing throughout the summer.

Early 2012 also sees the investment of additional gym equipment for the club. The club has had its own dedicated rowing gym for a few years now and has been investing money into making it a great facility. The gym boasts a wide range of free weights and Concept 2 rowing machines.

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Club Trustees

Mike Richards, George Payne, Ian Blewett, Teresa Jago, Charlotte Roberts & Ryan Watts.

Club President

The 5th Lord St Levan, James St Aubyn.

Club Vice Presidents

Alan Cargeeg, Kenny Trembath, Peter Uren, Martin Britton, David Elliott.